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Command an army of squirrels with Ecolis

Eric Caoili

We're not sure how we missed Ecolis when the game was first announced last February, but Insert Credit thankfully brought the colorful RTS to our eager attention. Developed by Lightweight (Bushido Blade series), Ecolis charges you with the task of defending wilderness habitats from pollution and deforestation. You'll have a variety of woodland creatures to manage and command during the FernGully-esque adventure.

The concept art alone was enough to leave us charmed, but the accompanying screenshots are filled with just as much character. Head past the post break for Famitsu's magazine scans of the title from a few months ago. If you have any idea what that orange, message-bag-carrying creature is supposed to be, make sure to drop us a line.

Click the resized scans for a larger view of the images.

[Via Insert Credit]

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