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PLX Technology shows off USB Duet-enabled UMPCs


PLX Technology is taking advantage of this week's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (otherwise known as WinHEC) to talk up its proprietary USB Duet technology, with TabletKiosk also helping out in showing off some of the UMPC-centric possibilities. As shown above, one potential application is a UMPC connected to an Xbox 360, with USB Duet working its magic to allow the UMPC to simply show up as a standard USB storage device. A UMPC could also be connected to a PC (though apparently not a Mac), sharing not only storage, but the PC's monitor, keyboard, and mouse as well. From the looks of it, TabletKiosk's eo TufTab v7112XT will be the first USB Duet-equipped UMPC although, interestingly, there was no mention of that particular feature when the device was first announced.

[Via Tablet PC Talk]

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