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Stratics dev chat: live coverage

Eliah Hecht

Well, it's time to get some answers, hopefully! Here I'll be covering Stratics' Q&A chat with WoW lead developers Kalgan and Tigole, as well as some of the CMs. I will keep this post continually refreshed with everything the devs say, so feel free to reload for updates.

Edit: The chat has been postponed until a week from today: Tuesday, May 22, at 6:00 PM Eastern time.

5:55: Chat starts in five minutes. Drysc, Eyonix, Kalgan, Tigole, and Nethaera have just joined the room.

5:59: Kalgan left, but I'm sure he'll be back. Several people are present with nicknames like "HELP_Shamans."

6:02: I estimate there are about 900 people watching the chat. That's quite a few. Looks like there are some set-up issues, as Eyonix has now left too, Kalgan isn't back, and nobody's said anything yet.

6:10: Here we go! Welcome to the first ever Stratics house of commons chat with the developers of World of Warcraft! We'll begin with a brief introduction from our guests and then jump straight into the questions. The full logs will be available at shortly afterward.

6:12: Introductions time.
Nethaera: Good afternoon everyone. I'm Nethaera and one of the World of Warcraft Community Managers.

6:20: The developers are experiencing some minor technical problems, it should be corrected in a moment.

6:42: I know Blizzard likes to delay things, but this is absurd. Get on with it, people.

6:52: Won't be too much longer folks, hang in there.

6:54: Unfortunately this chat has been postponed until tomorrow due to technical difficulties. Please keep an eye on and for the new date.

Well, alright then! See you guys later I guess. (A further message added that the postponement might be until next week; I'll keep you posted.)

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