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WoWLinuxTools shows progress on open source WoW

Mike Schramm

Anybody out there brave enough to be running WoW on Linux? I'm not, but has announced that players are one step closer to getting Azeroth running on your favorite open source flavor. A user named Yaccin has posted a small app called WoWLinuxTools over on It's as early as early gets-- the version number is 0.0.0-prev5a-- but it's a start.

Now, from what I know (and admittedly, what I know about Linux isn't a lot), the best way to get WoW running on Linux is to run it from within Wine, a Windows emulator (Yes, I know Wine Is Not an Emulator, but work with me here). But even running it from within Wine doesn't let you change certain settings like sound and video, and apparently that's what this WoWLinuxTools program is supposed to do. As I said, it's very early on in the process, so unless you know your way around Linux, you should probably stay away (or just dual boot Windows to play WoW), but what's there looks promising, and if a few more code monkeys get their hands on it, we could see something great.

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