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Blizzpagewatch: Day 4

Eliah Hecht

Blizzard's March of Games continues with Diablo II. Not only is D2 a spiritual predecessor to WoW, it's also probably my favorite Blizz game of all time. Many's the hour I spent on my Amazon wielding Titan's Revenge, laying waste to...well, actually, I can't remember what all I laid waste to, but it sure was fun. The game is also responsible for adding "wug?" to my vocabulary, which I'm not sure goes entirely to its credit. As far as I'm aware, D2 was basically the origin of WoW's talent system; although they were called "Skills," the basic idea was the same -- each class even had three trees of them. Randomized items of differing quality levels, and item sets, were also featured in D2, and the recent WoW addition of socketed items was a D2 favorite as well.

While I'd be overjoyed with a Diablo III, I go along with others in feeling unclear that such a game could be sufficiently distinguished from WoW. Still, it was nice to "stay awhile" and reminisce about an incredible game.

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