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Delta DS download stations hit JFK airport


Sure, we reported on this quite some time ago, but the program is expanding at an incredible rate. With the latest download kiosk hitting New York's JFK airport, we find ourselves that much closer to living in a world populated with the wonderful machines. Why, even when they become sentient and rise up, crushing their squishy meat bag oppressors, we'll be fine so long as they still offer demo downloads of Elite Beat Agents and Cooking Mama.

The kiosk available at JFK currently has demo versions of Elite Beat Agents, Brain Age, Cooking Mama and Tomb Raider: Legend (ouch). Kiosks can also be currently found at Delta terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. No word on how often the software is updated as Nintendo says it will be "updated periodically and will showcase everything from brain training to action games, appealing to baby boomers and seniors, and to teens and kids."

Hopefully they'll start giving out DS Lites for flights soon, as they have in Japan for quite some time.

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