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Digimon: From Dusk 'til Dawn


Looks like Digimon is getting into the double-your-gaming, double-your-profit market with its latest. Namco Bandai has announced Digimon Dusk and Dawn, two parallel stories, each with their own Digimon and Digifarms. Take on the role of a Sunshine trainer, or a trainer from the Dark Moon district, each with their own suspicions about the other side's role in a recent earthquake that is causing Digimon to devolve back into Digi-eggs.

Digimon Dusk and Dawn will feature WiFi battles and scads of all new Digimon for you to collect. The games are currently set for a fall release -- just about the time you've decided that maybe you should put the Pokémans aside. How convenient!

Hit the jump for screens and artwork from the upcoming games.



[Via press release]

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