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HDNet to step up their productions to 4k with help from Red Digital Cameras

Ben Drawbaugh

HDNet holds a special place in our hearts because it was one of the first 24 hour HD channels, and back in the old school days of HD, it was either that or the PBS loop. Sure we watched that same PBS loop over and over again too, but HDNet always had the better programming and most of the time better quality. It appears that Mark Cuban wants to continue to set the bar high and has announced that he has already pre-ordered a few of those new 4k Red Digital Cameras that it seems everyone can't stop talking about. The reason there is so much buzz about these new cameras is because they record at 4520x2540 and offer professional quality at a fraction of the cost, sure they still cost $17,500, but evidently that is less than current Hollywood grade digital cameras can be rented for today.


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