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Lara Croft mannequin mistaken for gunman, house raided

We're not sure how this emergency call went out, but we imagine it sounded something like this:

"Hello, Police. What's your emergency?"

"It's my neighbor. There's a gunman in his house!"

"Please calm down. Describe the situation to us, sir."

"Well ... it's not really a gunman, per se. It's definitely a gun

"There's an armed woman in your neighbor's house?"

"Yes. She's definitely got a gun and ... an enormous chest. Really, those things look

After receiving the call from HQ, armed police raided the home of one Mr. David Williams who had brought the most definitely fake dummy home from work to unload on eBay, where some lonely sap would bid on true love. Instead of sheepishly apologizing for the mistaken identity, police brought Mr. Williams downtown where he languished in a cell for thirteen hours. No word on what he told his cell-mates he was in for.

[Thanks, Dan G.]

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