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Let's pull a Gears of War all-nighter

Dustin Burg

If you can find the strength to pry yourself away from the Halo 3 beta, we encourage you to pull a gaming all-nighter with our favorite over the shoulder shooter Gears of War. As part of's calendar of events, this Saturday, May 19th is scheduled to be a Gears of War all night frag fest. So, jump online, kill a few locusts (or COG members), and enjoy your friend's company into the early AM hours. And if you're willing to share your all-nighter story, send the Xbox Live team a brief writeup and a few pictures of you and your friends chillin' for a chance to win a hard bound copy of The Art of Gears of War book. Oh, and if you're feeling generous, have a pizza delivered over to Fanboy Towers. Our appetite increases during early morning gaming sessions.

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