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Tomato rolls out U24 portable media player


South Korea's Tomato may have to endure more than a few snickers as a result of its curious choice of name, but it doesn't seem to be letting that hold it back from keeping up a steady pace with its PMPs, now adding the U24 model to its lineup. Apart from the less-than-intuitive interface, this one looks to be pretty standard fare, packing a 2.4-inch display, a built-in voice recorder, an e-book reader, a promised 15 hours of battery life, and support for Xvid movies (presumably among other formats). You'll also be able to get your choice of two variations of this particular Tomato, with both 2GB and 4GB models available, each also packing a miniSD slot for further expansion. Not surprisingly, both are only available in Korea, where they'll set you back 79,000 and 99,000 won, respectively, or approximately $85 and $107.


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