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Analyst: PSP getting a 'hardware refresh' later this year


And what, pray tell, is a "hardware refresh?" Will Sony's portable PlayStation be carted off to an exotic spa to have its shoulder buttons massaged, directional nub rubbed and its firmware exfoliated? Lazard Capital Markets analyst, Colin Sebastian, isn't as specific when he comments on upcoming PSP plans as laid out at Sony's recent San Diego Gamers Day. "[Sony] also indicated that 140 titles would launch on the PSP, while a video download service and hardware refresh are expected later this year."

Having already expressed some regret regarding the lack of an online PSP Store, Sony wouldn't be out of line in expressing similar feelings about an improved PSP (not seen above), certainly not in the wake of the ludicrously popular DS Lite. Rumors of an enhanced PSP have been as varied as the awful names bloggers have come up with for the potential redesign -- "PSPetite", "PSP Lite", "PlayStation Puny" and the especially marketable "Better PSP with hard drive" -- but each one that comes up has been promptly shot down by Sony. If Sebastian is to be believed, however, Sony might just run out of ammo before year's end.

[Via Engadget]

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