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Awesome WoW art by pulyx

Mike Schramm

Reader and artist pulyx sent us a link to his profile on Deviantart, and before I went, I wasn't sure to expect, as the stuff on DA seems to run the gamut. But once I got there, I was surprised to find some pretty amazing WoW art.

Quite a few of his pieces are just colored by him (with line art done by someone else), but what's there looks great in terms of both lines and colors. Don't miss his own character (which I thought looked a little Hellboy-ish, and I discovered pulyx is no stranger to the work of Mike Mignola), as well as some great renditions of Arthas (before he got creepy), Uther's Tribute, Kael'thas, the Prophet Velen, Illidan, and even a rip-roaring Ragnaros battle that he did as a present for a guild he's friends with. Love the Thunderfury-wielding main tank.

Good stuff. He mentions that he has done some character commissions, and his prices aren't too bad. He mentions that he can't send the original lineart (shipping problems), but it seems like either that won't be necessary, or that you could work something out with him. If you've been thinking about immortalizing your character with some great WoW art, this might be the guy to do it.

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