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E-TEN Glofiish X500 and M700 get Windows Mobile 6 updates


Hot on the heels of T-Mobile's Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Dash, E-TEN is rolling out the first Windows Mobile 6 Professional updates for its handsets. As of a few days ago, if you happen to have an X500 kicking around with that oh-so-long-in-the-tooth Windows Mobile 5 on it, head on over to E-TEN's site to freshen it up. It seems that M700 owners will have to keep that download finger waiting for another week as the Microsoft certification process seems to be stopping that ship from sailing. The update process is pretty straightforward, register your handset, E-TEN will send you an "action key" which coupled with your IMEI will let you get at the goodies. Good luck on those updates, and if you have a happy or nightmarish story about your upgrade, let us know. Hit the read link to head on over to E-TEN's site for all the details.

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