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FCC "thinks different," grants approval to Apple iPhone

Chris Ziegler

It reveals nothing of interest (unless you consider documents that read like high school physics lab reports to be "of interest"), but sure enough, Apple's iPhone has completed that rite of passage that all handsets must traverse on their way to adulthood: FCC approval. As expected, the iPhone filing reveals just about as little as it possibly (legally) can, offering up a rendering of the ID label location -- the best visual in the whole filing, by the way -- and an endless array of RF plots for GSM / EDGE on the 850 and 1900MHz bands, Bluetooth, and WiFi radiation. No incriminating photographs of a well-abused iPhone lying helpless on a test workbench in some cavernous lab, no user's manual. Soon, friends!

P.S. -The confidentiality agreement on this sucker is, from what we can tell, up on or around July 8th, giving Apple plenty of time to get this out the door in late June before the FCC bares all.

[Via Mobilewhack, thanks Sandeep]

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