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Folklore journeys from the Netherworld to PlayStation 3

Kevin Kelly

Calm down folks. We said Folklore, not folk music. Arlo Guthrie's Jam Sessions is not a new exclusive title on the PlayStation 3. Not yet, anyhow.

Sony surprised us by announcing this title yesterday, and it's been flying completely under our radar. Developed by Tokyo's Game Republic under game creator Yoshiki Okamoto, executive producer of Onimusha, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, Folklore is a dark fantasy adventure inspired by Western fairy tales.

You can play the game as occult journalist Keats, or folk story enthusiast Ellen, both of whom have specific backstories, and extremely different methods of attack. As you journey into the fantastic Netherworld to solve a murder, you encounter over 100 different fantasy creatures. Although they were inspired by Western fairy tales, each one has been originally designed for this came.

Adding a twist with the Sixaxis controller is the ability to literally tear the powers out of the creatures you defeat by flicking your wrists. Your own skills develop with each power you collect, and the game promises over 40 hours of gameplay with seven different realms to explore.

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