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High Velocity Bowling is ... bowling its way onto PS3

Kevin Kelly

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In a game announcement destined to pit Wii against PS3 (did you ever think you'd hear that?), Sony announced its very own High Velocity Bowling game that utilizes the Sixaxis' motion controls. You literally flip the controller on its side, hold it with your thumb between the analog sticks, and then sweep your arm gracefully along an arc while holding and releasing one of the buttons to send your ball down the alley.

Sound simple? Well, it is and it isn't. Holding the Sixaxis like that feels really, really weird. It's like we're wired or programmed to hold that controller with both hands, and doing something like that makes our gamer genes cry out in pain. Although, in all honesty, once we got the hang of it, it wasn't all that bad. It's not Wiimote easy, and with the Sixaxis having no wrist strap whatsoever, we're especially worried about people sending these things sailing through their 1080p plasma screens.

There's no Mii-like cutesy Fisher-Price people in this bowling game. Instead, you get extremely uncanny valley-ish avatars that look a tad frightening. Those shiny wood floors sure look good in HD, though, and there's a fairly kitschy Lebowski feel to the whole setting. Strangely enough, this downloadable PlayStation Network game is different than the bowling game you can play in Home (which still in the works). They haven't announced a price point yet but as far as a release date goes, "Fall" has been the watchword of the day.

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