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New York pol compares V-Tech Rampage to GTAIV


Confusing politicians about video games is like shooting fish in a barrel it seems. State Senator Andrew Lanza (R) of Staten Island, has publicly come out against a flash game called V-Tech Rampage, in which players reenact the recent massacre at Virginia Tech. Concerning the game Lanza stated, "There are certain things in life you don't make light of and should not be turning into a game ... It's not a game, it's a tremendous loss of life."

Unfortunately, Lanza revealed his lack of understanding about the game when he called on "retailers, manufacturers and Web site hosts" to distance themselves from the game. V-Tech Rampage is an independent game created by an Australian man named Ryan Lambourn. Clearly, Lanza doesn't understand the distinction between industry product and that which is independently produced.

Still, Lanza finds a way to lump GTAIV into his statements, saying, "You've got Grand Theft Auto where you murder police officers ... To me, I can't imagine people marketing and distributing it, and putting it in the hands of kids, but it's happening." If we're going to continue the fight against violent games, can we at least get a new scapegoat? GTA is getting old.

[Via Joystiq]

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