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Panasonic's high-end F-Class in-car navigation units

Darren Murph

Shortly after launching its first US in-car navigation system, Panasonic is doing it big yet again across the seas with its "highest-end" F-Class lineup. This well-spec'd trifecta sports a seven-inch VGA touchscreen, a PEAKS processor, an integrated TV tuner, boosted sensitivity compared to prior models, a built-in graphics processor, hard drive, SD card slot, and the ability to map your route online via the Odekake Strada website and transfer the guidance via SD. Additionally, you'll find an SD Link function that nicely interfaces with your iPod, CD / DVD playback abilities, and the flagship CN-HDS965TD can even handle the ill-fated MD format. Users interested in adding Bluetooth streaming abilities can snap up the CY-BT200D module for a stiff ¥21,000 ($175), which actually pales in comparison to the ¥344,400 ($2,861) to ¥354,900 ($2,949) pricetags that you'll find on these luxurious devices.

[Via Nikkei]

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