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Petition for immediate PS3 price cut

Peter Vrabel

I'm all for signing petitions. I did it once to save a tree in New York. Well it just so happens we found a petition to lower the cost of the PS3. Yet, seeing as how Sony took a major hit in the pocketbook with the PS3, asking them to lower the cost via signed petition is like haggling over a $0.10 candy bar that should've cost $1.00. Some Sony executives are still quick to point out the value in their PS3 price point, so asking for a price cut now is really just wishful thinking. Perhaps if Sony has a few major hits with their upcoming software lineup, it will escalate the call for a price cut but for now, the prospect is ludicrous. The mere act reeks of self indulgence with little regard for the cold facts on Sony's manufacturing costs. The PS3 parts will get cheaper to manufacture over time but they aren't quite there yet. It just doesn't make any financial sense to lower the PS3 right now. Maybe in five months, but not now. But hey, go ahead. Sign the petition. Can't hurt, right?

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