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SGD '07: Home - living area screenshots

Jem Alexander

Screenshot-tastic. Six new pics of your Home away from home. These include three of the basic apartment and three of the 'luxury' apartment. What exactly you have to do to get the latter is not yet known. Though it seems that Sony are trying to give the impression that a bigger place means more friends. Look how lonely the bloke looks in his basic apartment (also, notice that he's invested in one of those Hover-Bum implants. Lucky sod). Whilst in the luxury apartment there's a veritable party atmosphere. Look how envious Linda Davis is of the host's giant house. Could this be a bit of subliminal commentary on the state of modern culture? Probably not, they're just screenshots.

With the details regarding how we obtain more furniture or a bigger place unknown, there's still a danger that there'll be some form of micromanaging going on. The question is, will it use Real Money (TM) or some sort of Home currency? I can't see people shelling out to redecorate their virtual house. Well, not most people.

These Home images don't do it for you? We've got more coming later. Keep an eye out!

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