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SGD '07: Home - public spaces screenshots

Jem Alexander

Alright, so the living spaces shots and the features shots weren't enough for you. You're back for more. Glad to hear it. The screenshots in the gallery below are the real meat of Home. You will find images of the Games Space, the Sports Lobby, the Theatre, the Central Lobby and the Hall of Fame (which I am particularly excited about).

If this collection of images doesn't convince you that Home is going to be entertaining, at least, then I don't think anything will. Here, have a list of things I find interesting/funny:

  • The Theatre looks like good fun, but not without a full screen option. I don't want to have to watch a film on a screen, on my screen. If you get my meaning.
  • The Games Space will be great, if just for those arcade machines. Hopefully new games will constantly be in development for those. Also, I want to meet the cowboy-hat wearing 'NPC'. He looks like a laugh.
  • Poor SCEE-PaulR. 'Follow me', he says. To himself.
  • The Hall of Fame looks excellent. Those three screenshots mean more to me than any others shown at the Sony Gamer's Day.
Go ahead. Look for yourself. I've babbled on too long, already.

Gallery: Home - Public Areas | 14 Photos

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