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SGD '07: Sony releases latest sales statistics


Sony has just unveiled its latest metrics data for PlayStation hardware and software sales worldwide. Of particular note to avid observers of the handheld console wars is NPD's data on "portable hardware dollars market share" for the calendar year 2006. According to the data (seen above), Sony's PSP system actually beats Nintendo DS by a fraction of a percentage. This makes sense, considering PSP's significantly higher asking price. Although DS clearly has far more units in households, this kind of data proves that Sony isn't out of the game.

See even more statistics, after the cut.

These numbers won't mean much to the most loyal of fanboys, but we thought we'd like to point out some interesting facts that can be deduced from these statistics:
  • The software:hardware ratio is actually quite high, especially in light of concerns that piracy and homebrew may be dwindling software sales. The increase to 6.5 in the first quarter of the year is relieving -- and it's only bound to go up with stellar new titles like God of War on the horizon.
  • America loves PSP: it still holds the largest share of PSP sales. However, Europe is proving to be a very significant market for Sony.
  • Japan gets the most software support, with 641 titles. This is surprising, especially when considering the significantly lower software shipments that Japan has (16.8 million).
That's enough math for the morning. Ultimately, it shouldn't matter how well or poorly Sony is operating for PSP gamers. As Sony is proving with its upcoming lineup of games, PSP owners will be quite happy with what their handheld has to offer.

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