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Syphon Filter coming back to PSP with new features

Kevin Kelly

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The sixth Syphon Filter game, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (nearly one per year since 1999, dang) is coming to the PSP this fall, and it is offering up some new features like 360 degree underwater combat, a cover system with blind fire, Havok physics (on the leetle PSP? Nice!), and a contextual combat system that adds some new and unique melee attacks, from neck snaps to knife kills.

What's cooler though is that they are opening this game up on a global scale as Logan travels the globe trying to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his long-time partner, Lian Xing. Story was penned by comic book writer extraordinaire Greg Rucka, who you'll have to forgive for writing the novelization of Perfect Dark. He does a good job with Queen & Country thought, so we're willing to let it slide. The game also features an original score from Azam Ali, who also composed some of the music for 300.

Check out the pictures from the gallery below. The last Syphon Filter game was one of the highest rated games last year for the PSP ... this one might just top that score.

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