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BlueQ's unsightly Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband

Darren Murph

There's no shortage of vibrating alerts available for your cellphone these days, and while the MBW-100 watch will kindly inform you of whose calling while still looking relatively stylish on your arm, BlueQ's simplified attention getter certainly lacks any hint of fashion. BQ Wireless has unveiled a stripped down wristband that simply sports an internal Bluetooth module, on / off button, and a Transfer button in case your cellphone won't automatically take over the cal from the device. Put simply, this wrist adornment shakes your arm when someone's trying to ring you up, and while this may be somewhat less noticeable than a blaring ringtone in the middle of a crucial interview, it's bound to be exponentially more embarrassing when someone informs you that your articulatio radiocarpea is buzzing uncontrollably. Nevertheless, it's slated to hit retailers in July for $39.95 if you're still interested.

[Via Slashphone]

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