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Build a DIY music streamer out of a NetGear WGT634U

Nilay Patel

Sure, you can score any number of network media streamers for about $100, but none of those will teach you anything -- except maybe that there's too many other Wi-Fi networks in your building for it to work. On the other hand, England's Rob Hardwick says you can build a wireless music streamer with an LCD screen and remote for around £90 ($178). Using the guts of a NetGear WGT634U, the open-source OpenWrt firmware, and some creative cablemaking, Hardwick hacked up a pretty decent remote-controlled streamer. While it may not be the prettiest thing we've ever seen, Hardwick says the knowledge gained during the build can be "extremely invaluable." Isn't that always the case? Hit the read link for the complete breakdown.

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