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Jimi Game Shells wrap your babies in recycled goods


Every now and then, someone produces a product that just makes sense, and the Jimi Game Shell is a great example. We already know that DS games are incredibly tiny; in fact, so much of our media these days comes, like dynamite, in small packages. SD cards, memory sticks for the other guys, and our own games, and we're always looking for great new storage solutions. So when the folks behind the Jimi Game Shells offered to send us a couple of samples for a test drive, we jumped on it.

The idea of a small, separate case designed just for our DS games is nothing new; some cases include storage space for games, and there are a variety of retail solutions. They're also great fodder for preorder swag, and there's always the DIY route. But what makes the Jimi shells so interesting is that they're designed to hold a variety of media ... and they're made from eco-friendly (well, friendlier) recycled polypropylene.

If, like me, you're often juggling a variety of things around the house -- like tiny games and SD cards that are even smaller -- then you know that keeping track of everything can be a little difficult. Once you start taking that stuff on the road, what was a minor annoyance can quickly become a nightmare. Luckily, I invested in a great bag with pockets and hooks and padded sections for all the things I currently drag around: laptop, wireless mouse, and DS, as well as various books and such. But next semester, when I start photography classes at the university, that burden is going to get even worse, and I was already envisioning a need to budget for lost SD cards.

But here's something I hadn't even thought of -- multipurpose cases. For me, this is great, because I use a small knit bag for my DS, not a proper case, and I don't like to have games rattling around in there with it. The added bonus of being able to tuck away a few SD cards as well is the clincher. This is the solution I wasn't even sure I was looking for. Could do with a few more colors, but perhaps that would make the urge to select only games that look good inside the cases would get worse. The red case sent me looking for Mario Kart and Clubhouse Games, because both carts have red accents, and I'm a bit obsessive about matching. Check out the attached gallery for a number of detailed shots of the shells, which are surprisingly small.

But enough about the cosmetic details; the purpose here is to test, so the game shells had to be put through a few trials. On the website, it's said that the Jimi shells are water resistant, and after a few experiments, it seems that is indeed the case. After being submerged and weighed down in a dish of water for a half an hour, the red case seemed to suffer only a small amount of seepage. So unless you're looking for something that allows you to scuba dive with your DS carts clutched in one fist, these shells could be just what you need. It does take a while for the shells to dry out after they've been wet, however -- but just let 'em air out for a while, and there's no problem at all. No time to wait? No problem -- the lining is removable if you need to quick-dry the case.

But the most important test of all was the Random-ometer, which is rather like Miyamoto's wife-ometer, but with more fur (let's hope). No worries here -- this DS fancat heartily approved the shells ... or at least, he thought they smelled alright. He just can't resist gaming goodies.

At $9.95 a pop, some gamers may find the Jimi Game Shells a little pricey, but considering their versatility, it seems a fair price.


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