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Seriously, Project Gotham Racing 3 is not a PS3 game


Alright, this is getting ridiculous. For the third time in almost as many months, a sports model from Project Gotham Racing 3 has becoming an unwitting spokesmodel for Sony's PlayStation 3. Having already been mistaken for Gran Turismo HD and used to promote the PS3 in a KIA ad, Microsoft's exotic car racer now finds itself inside Dutch magazine, Mediamarkt, as posted in the Bizarre Creations forums. The depicted Saleen has likely been in those pages before... just not in an article discussing the PlayStation 3's future.

Is this indicative of some deeply rooted desire for a multiplatform excursion for the series? Perhaps it's some subtle commentary on the lack of distinguishing features in the racing genre? We'll ponder these questions and more once we've finished our race in the Forizmo demo. Or whatever.

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