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The console sales at their six month birthday


Six months since the release of both the PS3 and Wii, Infendo put together a comparison chart based on the latest NPD data of where the most recent consoles ranked during the same time. The Wii is ahead of where the PS2 was at the six month mark, and both the Xbox 360 and PS3 rank behind the Gamecube (and we all remember how that ended). The first six month sales of the consoles rank in digits for North America as:
  • Wii (2,470,000)
  • PS2 (2,200,000)
  • Xbox (1,900,000)
  • GameCube (1,540,000)
  • Xbox 360 (1,384,000)
  • PS3 (1,271,000)

Infendo's Blake Snow says, "[This] means fans of motion-controls can expect to see a boatload of good games with fewer titles gracing 'real next-gen' platforms. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

If only the first six months showed the end game. Look at how small the difference between the Xbox and PS2 is in this chart after the first six months, and we know how that one ends too. The PS2 is still selling well while the Xbox has passed on. Although, it's getting hard to ignore the massive growth of the Wii as it gets older (insert typical quip about how it would be nice to have some more original Wii games here). With Iwata already expecting the Wii to hit 14 million units by next March, how big can the Wii get?

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