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FCC toys with our heart, flaunts nonexistent GSM Treo 755p

Darren Murph

Granted, the FCC has tugged on our heartstrings at times in the past, but shaking someone up this severely is edging on criminal. According to a slew of FCC submissions dated this month, there was actually a pair of GSM Reports ran on none other than Palm's 755p. No need to wipe the sleep from your eyes again, it says GSM -- as in, not CDMA. Of course, upon seeing such a bizarre treasure tucked away in the depths of the FCC, we feverishly clicked away and awaited as the PDF loaded, only to find a plethora of boring paperwork showing how successful this thing was at passing CDMA2000 850 / 1900 tests (presumably for Sprint). Not satisfied with the inconclusive results, we continued on to hit up every last piece of paperwork attached to the filing, only to read those four dreaded letters over and over without seeing a single mention of GSM. So, what's going on here Palm? Is there really a GSM-based 755p up your sleeve somewhere, or were there not one, but two cases of blatant mislabeling going on in this filing? After the jump, take a peek at the device associated with the listing.

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