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Last Remnant site now online, unhelpful

Justin McElroy

Thank goodness for the official Web site for The Last Remnant, we were dying for another Square Enix phrase that left us scratching our heads. Sure, "Fantasy is endless, Fantasy has no limited form" was great but we demand fresh inputs. Now, here's this new contender for the throne: "Encompassing grandeur and elegance." What could that mean? Is "the last remnant" a description of the final chandelier you're trying to sell off of the showroom floor?

In case you haven't noticed, we've given an undue amount of time to four words in this official Web site launch post. Well, there's not exactly a whole lot more to say about the site. There's music. There's a kid named Rush. There's Lucius Malfoy. We could get all CSI on it like Xbox 360 Fanboy, but they already did that. So we're writing about words. Sue us, we're only human. Go look at the site. If you find something better to write about it, feel free to discuss below.

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