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Australians rate Mega Man for Virtual Console


The Australian ratings board for film, literature and also video games has done it again, informing us that Mega Man is coming to the Wii's Virtual Console. The game was rated at the same time as billiards sim Lunar Pool, another classic NES game. No word on release.

We can't decide what's more tragic: the milking of Mega Man or the thought that somebody interested in Mega Man (which is sure to have subsequent sequels released on the VC) wouldn't just go out and buy the excellent Mega Man Anniversary on Gamecube? Then again, the Gamecube version did have that insane reverse control scheme, so if somebody can't get passed that it plays perfectly on the PS2 and you'll get remixed songs if you turn on "navi mode." Somehow spending $5 on the VC for the original Mega Man, compared to getting practically the whole series for less than $20 on Anniversary just doesn't make a lot of sense. But this isn't about making sense, it's about milking the blue bomber for every penny imaginable.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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