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Wendy's giving away 800 Wiis for sucking down floats

When they found out that kids are going crazy over a game console that encourages waggling of the arms, fast food company bigwigs probably had a coronary. Well, that could have also been caused by their outrageous blood pressure and clogged arteries, but we digress. The folks at Wendy's have already partnered with Nintendo to give away some tchotchkes, and now they're looking to promote their new Frosty Float with a Wii giveaway.

Here's how it works: every $1.99 Frosty Float purchased will contain a special code that can be entered at for a chance to win one of 800 Wii consoles, 800 Wii Points cards (in delicious 2000 point denominations, of course), and 800 Wii games ("specific game determined by sponsor"). Considering that the Frosty Float packs a walloping 400 calories, it's going to take an awful lot off arm waggling to work each one of these off. That's what business folks call a win-win.

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