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WoW Insider on G4's Attack of the Show tonight

Mike Schramm

Just a note to let you all know that I've been invited to be on G4's Attack of the Show this evening, at 7 and 11 pm Eastern time (so you can watch me on the show, then watch the Heroes or 24 season finales-- I'm recording both, because woot-- and then watch me again!).

They've asked me to talk about Starcraft 2 and Blizzard, so I'll have some juicy tidbits about Blizzard's latest game, I'm sure, and hopefully they'll allow me some commentary about Blizzard at large and how SC2's release might affect World of Warcraft. An entry on their blog (fittingly named Attack of the Blog) says that some other dudes from some other websites may be on there as well (I've always wanted to have a friendly face-off against Crecente on live national television), but we'll see.

So if you get a chance, please check it out. And we should have embedded video up soon. That way you lucky people can revisit my visage on G4 again and again and again. Let us know if you do. Should be fun, see you tonight.

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