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Exceptional Innovation gets in the Media Center PC business

Ben Drawbaugh

Exceptional Innovation; the company to first bring us home automation features for Windows Media Center Edition, is moving into the hardware business. The automated home has been a reality for those who can afford it for some time now, with companies like AMX and Crestron leading the way, but these systems are very high end and as far from DIY as you can get. At the same time smaller companies have brought us do it yourselfer type software like MainLobby and CQC. EI is the new kid in town and they are trying to bridge the gab between the two, but not by being a DIY application, but by supporting any Windows Media Center computer, but with companies like HP getting out of the Media Center business, EI has decided to introduce it's own hardware to fit the bill. What makes these difference from the other high end media centers like Niveus, is the concentration on home automation, with software to control your entire home, and hardware like 12-volt triggers, RS-232 and discrete IR ports. Before you run out and get too excited, be warned, the Lifemedia line starts at $4000 and their in wall touch screen sells for about $7000.

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