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Haze will have four-player co-op campaign


Although Ubisoft's Haze was always expected to have four-player co-op campaign, apparently it wasn't confirmed until today. Free Radical (Time Splitters) studio head David Doak confirmed at the Ubidays conference in Paris that the game will allow for the co-op campaign both online and off. Now that we're starting to see this four-player co-op concept take flight in games like Haze and Too Human, is there a chance it'll show up in Halo 3?

Doak also rehashed some of the information from earlier that Haze is "not just about war itself, it's about your perception of war". They're really pushing this mature "make you think" angle of the game. Listen, we'll be more than happy to debate the merits of war with our friends online as long as the four-player co-op runs smoothly and gives us a truly great squad game in campaign mode.

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