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Smash Bros. site now up, music detailed

Justin McElroy

So, Super Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai is, as we were told, using as a blog to update on the game. His first couple of entries were a bit dull, just basic descriptions of the gameplay that you probably understand already. His latest post though is a little juicer, with an impressive list of the talent involved in making the music of SSBB.

You've got (and this is just a sampling) Akihiro Honda of Konami, Hajime Wakai who worked on Pikmin and Star Fox, Kazumi Totaka of Animal Crossing fame, Kenji Yamamoto who did Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, Tomoko Sasaki of NiGHTS, Toru Minegishi who worked on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and [insert your favorite on the list that we omitted here]. There's even a sample from the soundtrack. Sounds great ... now when will we get to play it? Its omission from this list probably means fall at the earliest.

[Thanks to everyone for the heads-up!]

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