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The QWERTY phone with Chinese roots

Chris Ziegler

At first glance, Chinese character sets don't seem to blend well with QWERTY keyboards; maybe that explains why this here is allegedly the first homegrown Chinese handset to integrate one. The specs aren't half bad -- QVGA display, stereo speakers, dual 1.3 megapixel cams, A2DP support, and microSD expansion -- but the keypad itself looks utterly unusable, thanks to hard, plasticky-looking dome buttons all lined up in perfectly straight rows across the phone's bottom quarter. The guts seem to be the same that we're frequently seeing on Chinese handsets these days with a touchscreen and five silkscreened icons along the edge. Needless to say, the operating system is custom (Linux-based, we suppose) with illicit Microsoft references randomly peppered through the screens. Personally, we'll pass, but we could see this one finding some sort of niche market, we suppose.

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