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Wakfu DS: Less MMORPG, more SRPG

Eric Caoili

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Ankama Games would probably be the last developer you'd expect to be working on a DS project, having released only Flash-based MMORPGs in the past. The French studio's success with Dofus, an addictive, 2D MMORPG that brought in over three million players, however, has afforded the company opportunities for merchandising, a spin-off "arena" game, and a DS supplement for its next PC title, Wakfu (not to be confused with the awful fighting game, Shaq Fu).

While Wakfu DS won't have the MMO features that its PC counterpart boasts, Ankama Games promises to give the handheld title its own identity as an SRPG. If the tactical, single-player adventure turns out to be too lonely for you, there will also be a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with three other local friends. With two different carts planned -- Light and Darkness -- that might be the only way to explore some of the version-exclusive dungeons.

Like Pogo Island, Wakfu DS will come with some creative connectivity, allowing you to transfer rare items that you've acquired in the portable game to your Wakfu MMORPG account. Now that's slick! Check past the post break for the PC game's trailer.

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