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A Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer and apology to Sam

Justin McElroy

Dear Mr. Fisher,

Hey, it's Joystiq. Sorry to bother you, we just needed to get something off of our chests. Do you remember when we made fun of you for going totally emo? We just wanted to say we're sorry. It was short-sighted and just plain mean and we sincerely hope we can still be friends.

You're probably wondering what prompted our change of heart, but if we're being honest, it started with the above trailer for Splinter Cell: Conviction. See, in our rush to make fun of your long hair and hoodie, we kind of forgot about your tendency to throw tables at people. Oh, and your access to high-power firearms, that totally slipped our minds. And, perhaps worst of all, we neglected to consider your ability to beat a man so badly that his brain throws up. We hope there are no hard feelings, and look forward to hiding from you working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Joystiq

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