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First Guitar Hero III tracks revealed, Les Paul guitar licensed

Remember when we decreed yesterday big hair day at Joystiq, to commemorate the announcement of seven new tracks for Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s? Lucky for us, we didn't shower and Activision has rewarded our sloth, and our big hair, with some new details regarding the upcoming Guitar Hero game ... the one hitting all new-gen systems (even Wii) and the PS2, being developed by Neversoft. So, what's the news? First, some songs:
Next, they're making wireless guitars "available" for all platforms; no word on whether they'll be the default axes, or optional peripherals. Furthermore, they've gone all Rock Band licensing the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar for all new-gen platforms. Those afraid of change get the decidedly less legendary Gibson Kramer, available for the PlayStation 2. There's also a "new button color design" to confuse anyone thinking about sticking to their old axe. We're still expecting Guitar Hero III (not its real name, yet) in the fall of 2007 ... just after Rocks the 80s rocks our summer barbecue parties. Our carpal tunnel is acting up just thinking about it.

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