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Hauppauge USB TV tuners now EyeTV compatible

Mat Lu

We've repeatedly covered the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid USB television tuner. This is an excellent little device that many of us here at TUAW own and use. On the Windows side, however, USB tuners from Hauppauge are very popular, and now Elgato has made their EyeTV software compatible with three USB tuners from Hauppauge: the Win TV Nova-T, Win TV HVR 900 and Win TV NOVA-TD. So if you already have a Hauppauge tuner you'll just need to purchase the EyeTV PVR software for €59.99 (~$80) to use it with your Mac.

In fact, this is not terribly surprising. If you run the Apple System Profiler with the EyeTV Hybrid plugged in you'll see that it is a Win TV HVR 980 under the hood, so to speak. Nonetheless, more Mac hardware support is pretty much always a good thing in my book.

[via MacNN]

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