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Improove you're verbage with My Word Coach for DS, Wii

Ross Miller

Described as a "Brain Age with words," Ubisoft's My Word Coach for Wii and DS aims to make linguistic education fun. IGN tested out the game and were impressed by the amount of fun and education embedded into the game. Not to mention the DS connectivity with the Wii version, where you can use the stylus as a controller -- very useful when you are writing letters, for example.

Sporting 17,000 words and definitions, a glossary for reference and profile settings that let you review your previous successes and failures, My Word Coach can certainly help with one's verbage (not to imply that you, dear reader, don't already have an impeccable grasp of the English language). With four-person multiplayer, we'll be able to beat our friends and learn new, more bombastic diction with which to trash talk.

My Word Coach is due out Fall 2007.

[Via Wii, DS Fanboy]

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