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KAIST shows off "Hubo-Way" Segway derivative


Having already accomplished the considerable feat of getting a robot to balance on its own two feet, engineers at Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (otherwise known as KAIST) now appears to have turned their attention to us humans, although they haven't exactly taken the most original approach. As you can see above, the Institute's so-called "Hubo-Way" takes a fair bit of inspiration from the Segway, although the technology has supposedly been "modified" to some extent. From the looks of it, the most significant of those modifications is the actual cost of the device, which the engineers say is half that of the Segway. Of course, there's no indication as to when or if the device might actually be commercialized, so it looks like you'll have to be content with the current crop of Segway-esque if you're not willing to throw down for the real thing.

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