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Nintendo says 35 million Wiis by 2012


Nintendo is looking to best the PS2's 38.2 million consoles sold and expects to hit the Wii-markable 35 million goal by 2012. Speaking with, Nintendo's American marketing chief George Harrison says that production has increased to meet the consistent demand for the console. Nintendo previously stated it expects to sell 14 million Wiis between April and the end of next March.

Harrison says that the company will continue to focus on the non-typical video game player market, which means don't expect to see any Wii upgrades in the near future. He says, "We're starting to see in the performance of the PS3 and Xbox 360 that that's not necessarily motivating the market the way it used to ... So we're going to start work on future technology only when we believe it's necessary.''

"Necessary" meaning profitable. Sure, the Wii may be two duct-taped Gamecubes, but it's selling strong and raising Nintendo's stock price. In other words, it knows how to print money.

[Via Gamasutra]

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