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Population: Tire bounces onto the DS

Eric Caoili

Having enjoyed Viidelectrix's Wiimote-compatible release of Population: Tire several months ago, we're excited to see that we can now play the Flash game with our DS styli too, thanks to Phillip Bradbury's homebrew port.

The faux-retro title never takes itself seriously, decorating its simple bounce-a-tire mechanics with an off-the-wall premise: "In the year 19xx, the citizens of Strongbadia are terrorized by a faceless foe. As a top secret crack commando operative, it is you [sic] job to protect the last remaining citizen from touching the tainted soil. You are soldier!"

Homestar Runner favorites like The Cheat and Strong Sad wander in and out of the bottom screen, acting as score multipliers or "power-ups" when the wheel drops on their heads. Breaking Cold Ones applies a negative multiplier to your count, while letting the tire hit the ground completely resets your score. Jump over the fence and past the post break for some footage of Population: Tire.

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