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Protect your fancy TV from your friends


LCDArm has started marketing (but not yet selling) a piece of plastic that goes over an LCD TV screen and protects it from ... miscellaneous projectiles. The nature of these projectiles is not made explicit, but we can think of only one item that has gotten attention for busting people's televisions. We might be electronic Darwinists who believe that people who can't keep their Wiimotes in hand shouldn't have fancy TV's, but that's no reason not to take precautions against friends' sweatiness.

The device is also an anti-glare shield, designed to block harmful ultraviolet light (in the words of the PR blurb: "Reduces ultraviolet (UV) rays and health to human eyes"). You know, because you don't want to see all of that light that comes out of your TV. Wait, reduces health to human eyes?

[Via Joystiq]

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