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PS3 nabs Haze, likely a timed exclusive


It looks like the Playstation 3 will be getting some exclusive love from the upcoming shooter from Free Radical, Haze. The game will debut this fall on the Playstation 3, while it seems that mention of the Xbox 360 and PC versions has dropped from the game's official fact sheet. When probed about exclusivity by GameSpot, a representative from Ubisoft said, "Haze is leading on PS3, but no exclusivity for any platform has been officially announced." In all likelihood, this pegs Haze as a timed exclusive, which means PC and 360 players may be waiting until 2008 to experience the mature shooter.

Sorry fanboys, if you were looking forward to playing as a genetically enhanced super soldier in 2007, you'll have to look elsewhere.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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