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Sony says PS3 80GB may come to US


That was quick. Following the announcement Monday of an 80GB PS3 model for South Korea, the AP was informed by a Sony official today that the model is being considered for the US and elsewhere.

The quote that the AP uses is a bit ambiguous and really isn't much different than what we've been hearing since Monday. Sony spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka says, "Increasing capacity for models is one of the options ... We make such decisions depending on the needs of the market, and every country is different." Although they didn't get it in a quote, the AP says further on that Fukuoka did say they are considering the 80GB model in the US and other markets.

An 80GB model is great, but would this be a horrible time to mention the Xbox 360 Elite? Although being a rip-off of an upgrade compared to the regular Xbox 360, it still has a 120GB hard drive and HDMI. Even if the 80GB PS3 model enters the market at the 60GB model's current price, the Elite still has it beat by 40GB and being around $100 less. Yes, yes, add the HD DVD drive and it's practically the same price -- touché. Also, if it's just about a hard drive upgrade, you could simply do it yourself. At least the 80GB model is coming, we wonder what other changes Sony will place under the hood before release.

[Via Engadget]

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