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Couch potatoes rejoice as HSN partners with DISH for 'Shop by Remote'

Evan Blass

The long-promised day that die-hard sofa jockeys have been yearning for is almost upon us, friends, with a partnership between Echostar and the Home Shopping Network promising to finally bring the first large-scale shop by remote project to the US. Rather uninspiringly called, um, "Shop by Remote," the service will allow DISH customers to simply click a button on their remote (plus 15 other buttons corresponding to their phone numbers and zip codes) when they want to buy the current item being shown on HSN -- a process that is supposedly "three to four times faster" than ordering by phone, but only slightly lazier (especially if you've got all these shopping channels on speed dial like certain people we know, Mom). If the current product isn't doing it for you, you can also select from the two previous items or the deal of the day, all of which allow you to further customize your choice (color, size, etc.) through a series of contextual menus. Sure we're not yet able to one-click Rachel's pants while watching Friends like the futurists predicted oh so long ago, but this is still an important step on the path towards the completely-impulsive, thought-triggered shopping experience that will finally enable us to accumulate crap at an even faster clip than we've managed to already.

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